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Social Impact Award Finalist

Tackling the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Social Impact Award supports startups since 2009 to become agents of change. SUPPLYZ is among the top 20 finalists for this year's award, by enabling digital circular economies and reducing waste along the supply chain.

SUPPLYZ is a finalist of the Social Impact Award

Unique Incubation Program

The Social Impact Award runs across 18 countries and supports startups by creating awareness around social entrepreneurship, through a community of experts and peers, an by sharing know-how. The SUPPLYZ founding team is excited to be part of this incubation program for the next months, to solve the problem of inefficiencies in specific parts of the supply chain.

Reusing packaging plays a big role in achieving the sustainability goals. The SUPPLYZ technology can create digital twins of reusable packaging to increase efficiencies and transparency.

The Need for Digital Circular Supply Chains

Producers of products and materials want to know exactly how much they need to produce in order to satisfy current demand. Both over- and underproduction result in inefficiencies, which mean extra costs, an increased risk of waste, or lost revenues. But the problem is that producers and industries do not have access to the real-time consumption data. To connect demand and supply in a circular economy, it is therefore not enough to use reusable packaging, but to share the data. The SUPPLYZ technology automates the documentation and sharing of this data in real-time while ensuring quality along the processes. This makes it more efficient for industries to adopt reusable packaging and reduce the amount of waste created from single use packaging.


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