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SUPPLYZ receives EU Funding

SUPPLYZ has been granted EU funding, a pivotal support for startups like SUPPLYZ who are developing both hardware and software to venture into groundbreaking innovations.

This financial boost is instrumental in transitioning from research to market-ready solutions, particularly crucial in the hardware sector where development cycles are longer and more capital-intensive than pure software ventures. The EU's backing is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of manufacturing quality control. It allows us to fine-tune our acoustic sensor technology, ensuring it's robust, reliable, and ready to redefine industry standards.

With this support, we're set to fast-track our journey from innovative prototypes to scalable market applications, enhancing Europe's position in high-tech innovation and sustainable manufacturing practices. Our aim is to deliver a product that ensures the integrity of metal components, vital in industries where safety and precision are non-negotiable. Stay tuned as SUPPLYZ evolves, setting the stage for a new brand name coming soon to resonate innovation across the global market.



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