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Step into the future of total quality management


In the realm of metal manufacturing, quality is not just a target—it's a journey. Our technology provides a roadmap for that journey, automating processes to improve efficiency, and ensuring the quality of your products every step of the way. Take the next step towards Total Quality Management today, and experience a new dimension of quality control and assurance in metal manufacturing.

We are here to automate your quality control.


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In the automotive and maritime sectors, precision in manufacturing is key. RESONIKS brings a practical solution for inspecting cast engine parts and welded car frames, ensuring quality and safety. Our technology streamlines the inspection process, offering a more reliable alternative to manual methods. With consistent results and a system that integrates into your existing workflow, RESONIKS is here to help you maintain high standards and keep production moving.

Steel works


In metal production, detecting defects early is crucial. RESONIKS provides an accurate and dependable way to inspect basic shapes and rolled products. We offer an alternative to time-consuming manual inspections, giving you fast and reliable results. Our system helps ensure the quality of your metal, supporting your reputation in the market. With RESONIKS, you can trust in your product’s integrity from start to finish through 100% QC.

Industrial Drill


For machine building applications, especially those involving welding, quality control is a top priority. RESONIKS introduces a reliable solution for inspecting industrial applications, offering precise defect detection in real-time. Our technology aims to replace manual inspections, providing consistent and trustworthy results. With RESONIKS, you can ensure every component meets your high standards, resulting in reliable machines that perform.

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In the aviation and aerospace industries, there is no room for error. RESONIKS offers a precise acoustic inspection solution, perfect for checking the integrity of 3D printed metal engine parts and satellite components. Our system provides a practical alternative to manual inspections, ensuring high quality and safety standards. With RESONIKS, you can trust in your components’ reliability, supporting safer skies and successful space missions.

Quality control in metal manufacturing

In the dynamic world of metal manufacturing, Quality Control (QC) is not just a requirement - it's a critical success factor. Ensuring impeccable quality in manufactured parts is pivotal. But what if some defects are too subtle to be visually inspected? Or hidden internal issues only discernible with advanced technologies like X-rays?


We provide the solution: non-invasive, in-line inspection using acoustics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). A groundbreaking technology that is paving the way for Total Quality Management (TQM).

Understanding total quality management

TQM is a comprehensive and structured approach to organizational management that seeks to improve the quality of products and services through ongoing refinements in response to continuous feedback. It embodies a set of principles under which every individual in the organization has a role to play in improving process quality, productivity, and efficiency.

Our innovative technology enables a smooth transition to TQM by identifying defects early on. Inspect your finished products or start with automating your incoming goods inspections. By resonating the metal parts and analyzing their acoustic response using AI, we can capture even the minutest anomalies that could indicate a potential defect.

Harnessing the power of acoustics and AI

Quality control systems requiring significant human intervention can be prone to subjective assessments, personal experience, and inefficient manual processes. Automation is the way forward. Our acoustic and AI technology reduces potential for human error and simultaneously boosts the final product's overall quality by automating the QC process.

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