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Pattern of aluminum automotive parts cover crank case, casting process in automotive indus


Your path to automated quality control



Experience the power of AI in QC with our tailored feasibility study, designed to demonstrate the ability of our defect detection system to find your specific part defects.



Elevate your manufacturing process through smart decision-making in our integration phase, optimizing or replacing your QC process with our advanced AI-driven system.



Witness the intelligent results of our solution during the pilot phase as it learns from increased data, refining its abilities to accurately identify and classify defects.



Embrace the power of continuous learning with our AI algorithm refinement, driving efficiency gains, cost savings, and enhanced production capacity.


In the epoch of Industry 4.0 and digital transformation, stringent quality control isn't merely an option; it's an imperative mandate. Leveraging the unifying power of acoustics and cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, we aim to revolutionize quality control in diverse manufacturing sectors, providing a robust, scalable solution that effortlessly integrates into your current systems and adapts to your unique processes.


Feasibility study (optional)

Comprehensive analysis tailored to your unique needs


Our engagement commences with a meticulous feasibility study, a critical first step towards achieving an unprecedented level of automated quality control. We collaborate closely with you, diving deep into the intricacies of your production line to gain a nuanced understanding of the challenges and requirements specific to your operations.


Together, we discuss how many parts are sent to us for analysis. While we can train our algorithm only with good parts, bad parts are necessary for validation. Typically between 8 and 40 parts are enough for this first phase. Through a combination of deterministic analysis and AI modelling, we analyse your parts, identifying subtle defects that might evade visual inspection or only be visible through state-of-the-art x-ray technology. This proactive approach to defect detection not only ensures the reliability of each part but also builds a strong foundation for intelligent defect identification.


The future of manufacturing is here, and it begins with our feasibility study. Contact us now for your feasibility study and take this step towards your new automated QC process.


Pilot phase

The pivotal intersection of manual and automated quality control

Upon the successful completion of the feasibility study, we progress to the pilot phase, effectively bridging the gap between manual and automated quality control. Here, we transpose the process to your factory floor. Our industrial setup  - consisting of both hardware and software - works alongside your team. Each manufactured part is 'pinged' post its current manual quality control process, thereby generating a detailed acoustic fingerprint.

This phase serves dual objectives: expanding the volume of data for AI training and unmasking potential false negatives. These hidden defects, often missed by conventional manual processes, are brought to light, augmenting the overall quality assurance. We may use temporarily introduce X-rays, CT scans, or destructive methods to find internal defects. The length of the pilot phase is flexibly designed, adjusting to the complexity of your parts and the nature of defects.


Integration phase

Ushering in a transformative era of quality control

With a successful pilot phase behind us, we are poised to integrate our solution into your existing QC process. As an in-line or additional process, our system is versatile and customizable, conforming to your specific operational needs. You can expect the complete solution from us, consisting of both the hardware sensors, compute unit, and software license. We strive to build a system that can be integrated into your existing software if needed, or run completely separately. The AI algorithm can run both on the cloud or on-premises. 


During the integration process, our team provides expert consultation, ensuring the smooth incorporation of our solution and guidance on optimal sensitivity settings. This hands-on assistance facilitates the transition to a more efficient, automated quality control process, setting a new standard for manufacturing excellence.


Continuous improvement

The pursuit of perfection


Our commitment to enhancing your quality control process persists long after the integration phase. The final cornerstone of our service is the continuous refinement of our AI algorithm. With an ever-increasing volume of data derived from acoustic fingerprints and manual QC process, our system exhibits a marked improvement in efficiency over time, significantly reducing operational costs, and amplifying production capacity.


Training and support

Empowering your success


Our commitment extends beyond the mere provision of a system. We believe in empowering our customers. To ensure the successful deployment and use of our solution, we offer comprehensive training for your employees. Moreover, we provide regular algorithm updates rooted in accuracy improvements. Despite the ongoing improvements, the reins of implementation always remain in your hands - a testament to our customer-first approach.

Step into the future of manufacturing with our intelligent quality control solution. Experience a seamless transition to automated QC, optimized operational efficiency, and unrivaled product reliability. Book your feasibility study now and take the defining leap towards total quality management.

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