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Small Series Production

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

SUPPLYZ started the first small series production of 250 units.

SUPPLYZ small series production of PCB

It took two days of hard work to prepare the production for the pick-and-place machine, programming the machines, and setting up a production line for the SUPPLYZ sensor modules.

“When existing IoT solutions didn't meet our needs and expectations in terms of size, power consumption, and modularity, we decided to build our own.”


It always requires the right preparations for building customised printed circuit boards (PCBs) to end up with a high quality functioning product. As firm believers of Murphy's law, especially with the complex equipment being used, we were prepared to tackle every challenge that we came across.


After the preparation was done and everything was tested, it was time for the machines to start taking over the production process. Working with miniaturised components, it is always incredible to see how these sensors, often small than a grain of rice, are carefully being placed on the PCB.

SUPPLYZ and the pick-and-place machine in operation


Testing showed that the PCBs worked exactly as expected and we were very happy with the result of the first small series production for SUPPLYZ.

The result of the first SUPPLYZ production line

Of course things don't end here. Next starts the rigorous process of testing the sensor module under harsh environmental conditions and the programming of the embedded software that will make full use of the low-power processor in order to guarantee a long lifetime.


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