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Deep tech startup SUPPLYZ closes pre-seed round

Press Release

The Hague, December 2, 2022

The Hague-based B2B startup SUPPLYZ has successfully closed its pre-seed round with both institutional and corporate investors. With Campus Founders as the lead investor, SUPPLYZ will further develop its AI speech recognition solution for objects and materials to enable industries to create digital twins of their assets. SUPPLYZ has created a proprietary and patent-pending technology to convert acoustic sound patterns into valuable data for enterprises that are producing or handling materials.

"Campus Founders is excited to partner with SUPPLYZ and their talented founding team, and to support them on the next steps of their startup journey. We can't wait to see how their unique application of machine learning technology impacts the future of logistics and supply chain management." - Corey Wright, Head of Startup at Campus Founders

SUPPLYZ generates data for sustainable supply chains

Billions of tons of materials are produced and processed, and it is a massive challenge for companies to trace materials along the supply chain. Recent disruptions and sustainability goals require more transparency and more sustainable handling of materials. With the SUPPLYZ solution, companies can generate digital twins of their materials effortlessly, automatically, and economically. SUPPLYZ takes advantage of acoustic patterns to offer a non-invasive solution to track any powder, liquid, gas, or commodity.

By generating a sound and using AI to find patterns in the acoustic response, SUPPLYZ can measure filling levels and other parameters of materials stored in barrels, kegs, cylinders, or other types of containers. The more data generated, the more insights SUPPLYZ will be able to deliver to their customers, including currently unobtainable predictive maintenance solutions.

“Over the past 11 months, we have proven that the SUPPLYZ AI-powered sensor generates huge value across various verticals, including raw materials such as gas, powders, food & beverage, and chemicals. The closing of the pre-seed will enable us to grow and develop a highly scalable product.” – Felix Wassmann, Co-Founder & CEO

Technological advancements allow us to combine deep tech trends

SUPPLYZ is combining AI with industrial IoT to tap into the digital twin market, which is currently estimated to be valued at over 6 billion euros and expected to grow to over 120 billion euros by 2030. The founding team is seeing increasing demand for digital twin technologies by engaging with different industries. Digital twins reduce material handling costs, while real-time data enables companies to improve quality and reduce material waste. This, in turn, incentivizes companies to adopt circular economies.


The interdisciplinary founding team has several years of domain experience and combines business, hardware, and machine learning expertise. Felix Wassmann (CEO) and Fabian Oberndorfer (CTO) hold an executive MBA focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship from the Technical University of Munich. Isaac Kargar (CIO) is currently in the final phase of his Robotics, Autonomous Driving, and Machine Learning Ph.D. at Aalto University. The founders are supported by the XPRENEURS Incubator, UnternehmerTUM, CyberLab Accelerator, Social Impact Award Germany, DeepTech Alliance, TUM Global DeepTech Venture Initiative, TUM Venture Labs, Microsoft for Startups, and Infineon Technologies.

Press Inquiries

For press inquiries, please reach out to Felix Wassmann:

SUPPLYZ B.V. 2e Sweelinckstraat 88B, 2517GZ Den Haag, +31 85 064 4433


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