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Meet Us At Slush, Bits & Pretzels & AMTC

We are excited to meet future customers and like-minded people at the events coming up in September and October, where we will be pitching and showcasing our technology.

Slush'D Heilbronn

The startup and tech event Slush is coming to Germany and we will be part of it as a featured startup! Join us to find out who will win this year's pitch competition! We are excited to be among several industry 4.0 startups to solve current supply chain issues with the creation of digital twins.

Come see us pitch on the 22nd September at 4pm at the Industry 4.0 stage!
Event picture of Heilbronn Slush'D
SUPLPYZ is a featured startup at Heilbronn Slush'D

Bits & Prezels Munich

After a long break, the famous founders' festival is back in person and we are excited to have an active role in both pitching and exhibiting! We are honored to be among one of the few startups that were selected for the semifinals of this year's Golden Pretzel Award. We are looking forward to showcasing our speech recognition technology to create digital twins of materials.

Find our stand at the E6 UnternehmerTUM booth on the ground floor on Sunday 25th September and watch out live pitch on Monday 26th September at 13:00!
Meet Felix Wassmann at the Bits & Pretzels 2022 in Munich
Felix Wassmann at Bits & Pretzels Munich

AMTC (Additive Manufacturing)

Did you know that we can track metal powders used for additive manufacturing and create digital twins of these materials stored in stainless steel barrels? The Advanced Manufacturing Technology Conference (AMTC) in October is all about new AM processes. SUPPLYZ automated powder handling processes to reduce handling costs while improving documentation for quality purposes.

Talk to us at our exhibition booth on 11th October in Munich!

Ensure to get your tickets here to attend this conference in person or virtually:

Description of the AMTC munich conference and corporate partners
AMTC Munich Conference

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